Month: January 2017

MENA Economy in the 2017 according to the Economist

Today, Mohamed Abdelmeguid, MENA economy specialist for the Economist, organized a webinar to discuss the evolution of MENA economy in 2017, proposing some views about the incoming year. The Middle East region is suffering a long-term stagnation. To better understand this dynamic, we...

/ 19 January 2017

Iran’s foreign policy is getting closer to Russian goals

The common interests of Iran and Russia in the Syrian battlefield have created a window of opportunity for an alliance between the two countries. A more sober observation however reveals a collision in their long-term goals, which implies that their...

/ 18 January 2017

Why Erdoğan looks to the East: Turkey’s potential membership to the SCO

Does Turkey really want to leave the EU and join the SCO, approaching the Moscow-Beijing axis? Alejandro Salamanca Rodríguez assess whether this Erdoğan 's move is a bluff to play in the negotiations with Brussels, or if it is really...

/ 15 January 2017

How the US-Turkey relations will change during the Trump presidency

For better or worse, the last results of the US presidential election could be decisive for Washington's international relations. Looking forward for the imminent redefinition of friends and enemies, Turkey will be no exception.

/ 13 January 2017

Repression of the Uighurs in China: Religious or political issue?

The Chinese authorities launched a strong campaign against terrorism, with several restrictions to discriminate Muslims. The reason that led China to suppress much of the Uyghurs' freedom is not an aversion to Islam. Instead, its phobia is towards the threat...

/ 11 January 2017

The reintroduction of the death penalty in Turkey: a red line issue for Brussels

The potential restoration of the capital punishment is definitely a red line issue for Brussels, that would officially cancel Turkey's EU accession plans and would overturn the migration deal negotiated between Ankara and Brussels.

/ 4 January 2017