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Former president Morsi’s trial: The criminalisation of the Arab spring

The so-called “January 25th Revolution” has produced little more than a switching of the guards in the presidential palace: on July 3, 2013, following large nationwide protests against the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), the military forces removed Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s first-ever...

/ 13 December 2016

A new era of Lebanese incoherent alliances

After two years of deadlock, Michel Aoun has been appointed president with a political move that many might have considered impossible until the moment it happened. The acquiescence of Hezbollah to form a new Lebanese government with Sa’ad Hariri as...

/ 21 November 2016

Jordanian Elections: Political Islam to Revive Kingdom’s Democratization?

Jordanian elections have been seen as a bid to revitalize the democratic impasse of the country, at the centre of the Middle Eastern powder keg. In the frame of new electoral reform, moderate Islamists have become the main oppositional bloc...

/ 31 October 2016