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Rouhani’s new policy brings reformists to victory in Iran

In an era when Iran’s relations with the West had entered a path towards reconciliation, the country’s May 2017 presidential elections came as an inevitable tipping point. Or, at least, it is so from a purely Western perspective. The incumbent...

Iran’s foreign policy is getting closer to Russian goals

The common interests of Iran and Russia in the Syrian battlefield have created a window of opportunity for an alliance between the two countries. A more sober observation however reveals a collision in their long-term goals, which implies that their...

/ 18 January 2017

How the US-Turkey relations will change during the Trump presidency

For better or worse, the last results of the US presidential election could be decisive for Washington's international relations. Looking forward for the imminent redefinition of friends and enemies, Turkey will be no exception.

/ 13 January 2017

Success and failure of Erdoğan’s military policy in Iraq

The last few years Turkey is demonstrating a sort of forceful engagement in the Middle East, whose most recent display has been the Operation Euphrates Shield. Such over-activism however does not appear to beget any remarkably positive outcomes, hence raising...

/ 24 November 2016

Yemen: Is there any realistic path ahead?

Since October, Yemen is divided among Houthi rebels, the recognized government of President 'Abd Rabbih Mansur Hadi, and the terrorists of Al Qaeda and ISIS. At the same time, the Saudi coalition continued bombing against Houthi's controlled areas. We need...

/ 11 November 2016